Admission Instrucions

  • Admissions will be renewed every year. The Management reserves the right to renew and give admission.
  • The class allotted to your ward is final.
  • Parents should:

    a) Understand the philosophy of the school and extend cooperation to the school.

    b) Keep up a healthy and positive communication with the school/incharge/class teacher to monitor their ward’s progress

    c) Take the responsibility of regularly checking their ward’s school diary, late record, daily revision, class works and home works.

    d) Ensure their ward follows all the norms and procedures of the school like the school uniform, prescribed timing, disciplinary rules and regulations etc.

    e) Not send any valuables along with their ward. The school will not be responsible if any valuable is lost.

    f) Mention reasons of absence of their ward from the school in diary and for a long absence intimate well in advance.

  • Parents of Pre-primary and Primary children should follow the menu for the snacks and tiffin’s as prescribed by the school.
  • Indiscipline of any sort would not be tolerated and can lead to the cancellation of admission.

    School fee and transport fee has to be paid term wise only. School fee and transport fee is inclusive of all the days in the academic year including the working days and the vacations.

    Fee once paid is non-refundable under any circumstances. If your ward discontinues the course, the fee aid will be forfeited.

    If availing transport, the pickup points and drop points decided at the beginning of the academic year should be strictly adhered to and will not be changed under any circumstances.

    In case of any abnormal behaviour of your ward reported by the school, parents should take up the suggested remedial measures for the improvement of their ward. In case no improvement is seen over a period of time, the school reserves the right to cancel the admission.

    The Management reserves the right to cancel the admission of student in case of over dues

Courses Offered

  • Pre-Primary : Nursery
  • Pre-Primary : LKG
  • Pre-Primary : UKG
  • Primary : Class I
  • Primary : Class II
  • Primary : Class III
  • Primary : Class IV
  • Primary : Class V
  • High School : Class VI
  • High School : Class VII
  • High School : Class VIII
  • High School : Class IX
  • High School : Class X