About Us

K.S. Arvind Kapatkar (Chairman)
"“Education is the manifestation of perfection already existing in man.” - Swami Vivekananda"
Ananth Kapatkar (Director)
Anupama Kapatkar (Correspondent)

The Visionary behind Matrusri Group

Shri K.S.Arvind is an educationist and a visionary with a mission of providing quality education, affordable to the students and schools all over India. He believes in Nation Building by empowering students, teachers, parents & schools. This mission is being accomplished under the banner of MATRUSRI E-POWER (EmPOWering Education Revolution). He propounds Holistic Education aiming at a complete individual who is both a Saint and a Scientist. His work essence can be summarized in the following verses. Holistic Education - The Complete Education Education is for becoming, not just for knowing. Education is for Excellence, not just for employment. Education is for Leadership, not just for livelihood. Education is for Values, not just for degrees. Education is to Aspire, not just to acquire. Education is for Man making, not just for money making. Education is for Life skills, not just for Certificates. Education is for Personality revival, not just for survival. Education is for making a Mark in life, and not just for scoring marks. Education is to become a complete individual, not just to achieve jobs and career. Coming closer to Life, Nature and Self is education, not to be wasted in trivial persuasion. Joy of learning is education, not simply slogging and perspiration. Wisdom of life is education, not simply gathering information. Enhancing mental ability is the objective of education, not just memorization. Awe, wonder and fascination is holistic education, has a scope beyond syllabus, progress cards and examination. Empowerment of Soul, Mind and Body is Holistic Education, Personification of love, care and compassion is Complete Education.

-K.S. Arvind

Complete Spectrum of Shri. K.S. Arvind

  • Consultant for successful Edu-preneurship and Towering schools & Institutions to lofty heights of growth & excellence
  • 360° Holistic expertise of three decades from Teacher to edu preneurship to edu preneurship consultant
  • Specialist in New Age Education & Futuristic Learning
  • Launched concept of IIT & Medicine foundation programmes for 1st time in India 
  • Authored the only IIT foundation text books available in India
  • An inspiring teacher who produced South Zone IIT-JEE Topper on four occasions. 
  • Authored most creative Maths & Science series in India. 
  • Credited with creating Game changing concept & Programmes like Entrepreneurship & Leadership Foundation 
  • GIM-E (Genetic Intelligence Mapped Education) 
  • SMS (Skills of Maths & Science)
  •  IRCT (Identification Rectification Counselling Training) 
  • 12Q Pre-Primary Education 
  • The brain behind (M.I (Multiple Intelligence) based Holistic Primary education 
  • Exponent of Teacher Empowerment for National Building 
  • Specialised in development of Skills & Aptitude in students 
  • Pioneer of Audio-Visual teaching - 1st time introduce Audio visual in South India. 
  • Intellectual Growth & Personality Development Trainer 
  • Designer of innovative & effective learning techniques 
  • Author of Inspiring poetry for youth.

Mr. Ananth Kapatkar - Director

  • Awarded the ‘Best outgoing Student’ of the year at New Horizon Degree College - Bangalore.
  • Completed Masters in Education, specializing in Futuristic education and New Age learning from UK.
  • Certified in ‘Acoustics for Brain and personality development’ & behavioral Management. 
  • C.E.O. of SONA (Stars of New Age) futuristic education wherein he trains students to develop Emotional
  • Quotient (E.Q.) & Intelligence Quotient (I.Q.). 
  • Vice-President of Kapatkar Education Society and Director of E & L (Entrepreneurship & Leadership) school, Nallakunta. 
  • Conducts leadership foundation classes & Life Skills Development Programmes at Matrusri E & L School.
  • He has developed the course and conducts ‘Public speaking’ classes for high school students.
  • Developed workshops for high school students on ‘Dramatics and confidence boosting programmes’.
  • Designing & developing a Creative & innovative programme for students - ‘Cartoons for Self-empowerment’.

Anupama Kapatkar - Correspondent

  • Director of Zorek Education technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Correspondent of Matrusri E & L School at Nallakunta 
  • Head of SONA ( Stars of New Age) futuristic education.
  • Heartfulness Meditation trainer.

Our Vision & Mission - 3 in 1 Philosophy

E&L School empowers every child to become a complete individual who:excels both in academics and life,emerges into a successful professional and a good human being,becomes an entrepreneur as well as an enlightened being,thinks by head and acts by heart and is a scientist and also a saint. E&L School imparts 'complete education' through a 3-in-1 programme which focuses on :Excellence in Academics Excellence in Career Foundation Excellence in Life Skills This 3-in-1 programme under a single roof helps students save time and energy, thereby increasing the efficiency of students. At Matrusri E&L School, every child experiences the ‘joy of learning’,as we teach through audio-visual equipments backed with scientifically and creatively developed teaching content, colourful textbooks and workbooks.The E&L School not only prepares students to excel in academics and competitive exams, but also lays foundation for them to make a mark in life. This 3-in-1 programme also makes education the most affordable and cost-effective school programme.

An Educlinic for learning and success

School Facilities

  • Transport facility (within 5KMS) is available.
  • All round development of child will be focused.
  • IIT foundation from VI-X Classes.
  • Communication skills.
  • New Age Academics.
  • New Age Education programmes, Best life skills development programmes.
  • Best career foundation programmes, GIME (Genetic Intelligence Mapped Education) for primary.